Tuesday 18 October 2022


Cecilia Macfarlane is running a workshop on Thursday of Half Term, here's the link...it's intergenerational, so ideally bring a young person, child or parent/grandparent/aunty/friend along!!

Intergenerational Dance Workshops

And on the Wednesday of Half Term, I will be running a workshop in Banbury for Parents and Tots (Babies and Under 5s) and 5-11year olds in the nature at the lovely Bridge St Community Garden, Flyer below!

Saturday 10 September 2022




Welcome back to OYD! Here's the timetable and fees for this term as well as some recent photos of some of your lovely dancing. So looking forward to being back in the studio with you all from 14th September (Slipstream) and 17th September (OYD)💜💜💜


Monday 2 November 2020

Lockdown latest News November 2020

Dear all,

Here we go again! I hope everyone is doing ok with the new news. Necessary I feel, but also naturally stressful this close to Christmas and as always very confusing with schools and many workplaces remaining open.

The guidance seems clear for groups like ours, as 'non-essential', we will have to close our physical sessions again until after Christmas. I will therefore make a new plan for going back on Zoom, I know this didn't work for many but please do try again as now many of us are better at the technology (including me!) and the class format, there were some really beautiful moments of families dancing together at home back in the summer term. I will also try to do some pre-recorded sessions so that you can choose to join in at your leisure as this may feel better and be easier at home and you can put on a big screen then too.
Details on zoom classes to follow in the next few days once I've worked out a plan, do let me know if you have any questions in the meantime.
  • One big note learned from last lockdown is that your child absolutely DOES NOT have to be on camera/on mic for the zoom sessions, this worked extremely well for a couple of members of some groups, dancers would feel less self-conscious and could use the chat feature to reply to questions if they wanted. They can choose to even do news using the chat. There's usually a good mix of those wanting to be visible/not-visible.
  • We also experimented with 'breakout rooms' which proved useful for choreography in smaller groups, just like we do in class. Often those that were off camera with the whole group chose to be on camera for breakout rooms so they could still see and 'hangout' with their friends (and dance too of course!!). And again dancers don't have to share what they make with others if they don't want to cameras/mics can be off for the whole session if that feels better for them! Hopefully this may help some of those who didn't find zoom comfortable last term.
  • Of course bigger considerations are space/wifi/laptop or other devices and little ones understanding whats going on. Please get in touch if you have issues with any of these things as I would love to help you figure out ways of solving these issues, even if it is finding funding for loaning devices, or borrowing other members old devices etc or suggesting alternative places to dance if no space available.
The boring bit - Fees/Payment:
Many of you have paid the whole term, thank you so much for supporting OYD, I really appreciate this as an Artist who's income has altered drastically due to Covid. Zoom fees will likely be £5 per class again due to the shorter length and different format of the classes, or you can pay the 'normal' class price.
Please let me know which option you would like to go for moving forward:
  1. If you have paid and are happy for this next half term's fee to be rolled over to zoom classes.
  2. If you have paid and would like to roll the half term fee to the next 'physical term' (hopefully Spring 2021 but further along if necessary) you can then pay by zoom on an ad-hoc basic.
  3. If you would like a refund for this next half term up to Xmas. (again ad-hoc zoom then optional).
  4. If you have paid by the class and will continue to do so over zoom and in future (NB I can provide list of dates children/families have attended since Sept if you want to check if you are up to date)
  5. Pay what you can/feel: for those who's income has been affected drastically by Covid or those struggling, please only pay what you can (just let me know so I don't keep asking down the line.

I would ask that you please ensure classes attended so far are paid up to date to this half term so that I am not having to chase further down the line. Any questions with the options please let me know, I want to be fair to all, especially those who are struggling, single parent families, those on benefits etc so again just stay in touch if you would like to make alternative arrangements.

Here's a list of the Half term fees:
Class One: Full term 11 weeks £77.00, Half term 6 weeks @£7.00 per class: £42.00
Class Two: Full term 11 weeks £66.00, half term 6 weeks @ £6.00 per class: £36.00
Class Three: Full term 11 weeks £77.00, Half term 6 weeks @£7.00 per class: £42.00
The Uthers: Full term 11 weeks £88.00, Half term 6 weeks @8.00 per class: £48.00
Slipstream: Full term 12 weeks £96.00, Half term 7 weeks @£8.00 per class: £56.00
(reminder slipstream fee was reduced to £8 per class this term due to change in length)
And BACS details: Natwest, Sortcode: 60-01-35, Acc No: 61147907 Acc Name: Oxford Youth Dance.

Hope all that makes sense! Look forward to seeing many of you online, please do stay in touch if you won't be doing zoom. Do join the fb group, search: Oxford Youth Dance. 
Slipstreamers there's a What's App group as well so let me or another member of slipstream know if you wish to be added to that.

Just to add, as many of you know I am working on my online offering Every Body Dances and will soon to be at the stage of taking clients (adults at the minute, children later), so get in touch if adults/friends/family are interested in finding and developing a personal embodied dance practice at home or in the nature.
Facebook.com/everybodydances.ox and FB group search: Every Body Dances Community.
Website: (a bit messy as being designed as we speak) www.everybodydances.org.uk
Look out for free masterclasses and a range of offerings coming up or let me know if interested in being a test 'beta' client (for free or small fee).

Best wishes, stay well and huge virtual hugs to everyone. Let's keep this beautiful dance community going and support each other however we can, but mostly by keeping dancing!!!


PS if you want to donate to our wonderful home the Ark-T Centre, who have been and will be continuing some incredible work supporting the local community including the Oxfordshire Kindness Wave, Waste2Taste and community fridge and much more. Please visit: http://www.ark-t.org/welcome-to-the-ark-t-centre/support-us/supporting-the-ark-t/